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“You Say Alot Of Good Things But Something Else You Always Do”- Mary J. Blige

Did he tell you he was gonna call you back today but never did? Was he supposed to take you out on a date but never showed up? He keeps telling you he wants to marry you but you haven’t seen a ring yet? I’m sure a lot of us have heard these lines before time and time again. Women continue to entertain these same lines or excuses over and over. We’ll get mad or feel a certain type of way all while this dude brings us his finest lines or LIES as we call them.

He’ll tell you what you want to hear and even make it seem so convincing that you believe his every word to the point that your close friends and family can’t tell you nothing bad about him. But believe me its apart of his plan to get into your head as much as he can. If a dude knows that all he has to do to stay on your good side is to tell you “yeah babe I’m gonna take you out as soon as I get some money” even though in his mind he knows he doesn’t plan on taking you out anytime soon, he’ll say it.

This is where you need to live by the saying “Don’t Talk About It, Be About It”. If his actions don’t match up with what he’s saying you need to let him know what he’s doing and if it doesn’t change then peace out! It doesn’t matter if he’s a friend, boyfriend or husband, a MAN should always stand by his word point, blank, period. And trust us ladies, a lot of us have fell for the okie doke before but it’s time to snap out of that mindset.

When you keep letting him slide, you’re giving him a pass to keep telling you lies or make promises that he never keeps. And he’ll even apologize to you over and over but that apology is not sincere at all. His apology means nothing and its more of a way to make you think he feels bad for what he did. So don’t let him waste your time, if his words never match up with his actions let him know then let him go!

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